Twitter Key

We Tweet this out many times during the session so that subs can see the evolving trends- either strengthening or weakening or reversing, etc. The HTT and SS data tell the reader how close we are getting to a KEY TREND CHANGE as signaled by these two: Seven Sentinels are used to define the Intermediate-term. HTT is used to identify the hourly trend within that Intermediate Term Trend. Intermediate-Term trends tend to run anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Short-Term Trends tend to run anywhere from a 2 or 3 days to 2 or 3 weeks.

Below is the key to interpreting those intraday tweets.


Twitter KEY: MO 0/10 REL SSS HTT U/T 4/3 STS D/T 5/2 SS D/T 1/6 BR 0/-300- Contained in that line of data are five items we report to subs to see developing trends and trend changes, specifically
1. MO 0/10- This simply means that of the “top ten Momentum Issues”: AMZN, BIIB, CELG, FB, GILD, GOOG, NFLX, NVDA, PCLN, TSLA…. none are higher, ten are lower at this update
2. REL: SSS – This means that of our proprietary three Relative Signals: Relative VIX (SPX/VIX), Relative RUT(SPX/RUT), Relative COMPQ (SPX/COMPQ)….. The first is on SELL; the second is SELL, the third is on SELL at the time of this update.
3. HTT U/T 4/3 This means that our proprietary Hourly Trend Trackers are currently on Uptrend Mode overall and that four components are in uptrend mode, 3 in downtrend mode
4. STS (U/T) 2/5 – This means that our proprietary Short-Term Sentinels are currently in Downtrend Mode overall and that two components are in uptrend mode, 5 in downtrend mode
5. SS (D/T) 1/6 – This means that our proprietary Seven Sentinels are currently in Downtrend Mode overall and that 1 component is in uptrend mode, 6 in downtrend mode
6. BR 0/-300 – This means that net breadth (advances minus declines) on the NYSE is 0 issues and that net breadth on NASDAQ is -300 at this update