To instantly know when we’ve added new analysis, just go to Twitter and “Follow” @SevenSentinels. We tweet a link each time we add a comment to the Web Page. Tweets that link back to are preceded by a TIME {Eastern/NY Time Zone}. 
In addition to links to the website, we tweet vital VST, ST, and IT trend updates NOT on Web Page on the Twitter Stream for instantaneous communication of changing conditions from us to you. Additionally, we tweet out observations of unusual circumstances or indicator readings or other factors that may accelerate or reverse the intraday TREND.
At the bottom of this page is the “Twitter Key” which will allow you to quickly decode the summary market status tweeted many times each day.

Using TweetDeck to isolate @SevenSentinels tweets:

Twitter followers follow many sources on Twitter and as such, of course, if they use their normal “tweet stream” to follow us, that stream will contain dozens, hundreds or even thousands of messages every day.

There is a straightforward way, though, to isolate our Tweets so that you never miss one.  It may be a routine update, or particular intra-day information on an indicator, or a link back to a website analysis. It could be a “Trade Alert” linking back to our real-time trades for the tracking account. 
First, set up on your Twitter account a “list.” Go to your “homepage.” Click on your icon near the upper right corner. Click on “settings.” When the settings page opens, look for the “create new list” tab on the right and click it. Follow instructions to set up a list and “name it.”
Now go on Twitter to @SevenSentinels. Near the upper right corner, you will see a “Follow” or “Following” tab. To the left of that tab is a star. Click on the star, and you’ll see a drop-down list. Click on “add to or remove from lists.” Your newly created list will appear. Check the box. 
Simply Download TweetDeck here. Open the program and bookmark it. Go down the left side and click on what looks like a “plus sign.” A page will open that asks you to select what you want to designate as a column. Click on the list you created- the one containing @SevenSentinels.
Now every time you open TweetDeck, you will see that column which is a Tweet Stream of ONLY those accounts that you’ve put on that list. When Tweetdeck is open on your screen (we use one screen just for TweetDeck), you will see every tweet from Seven Sentinels in real time immediately when we add it.
You will want to set up other columns for “News” or other topics of your choice. Each column will have just a few handpicked sources that will be fed by tweets you deem essential.


 Twitter KEY: MO 0/10 REL SSS HTT U/T 4/3 STS D/T 5/2 SS D/T 1/6 BR 0/-300

Contained in the above line of data are five items we report to subs to see developing and changing trends., Specifically…
  1. MO 0/10- This just means that of the top ten Momentum Issues: AMZN, BIIB, CELG, FB, GILD, GOOG, NFLX, NVDA, PCLN, TSLA…. none are higher, all ten are lower at this update.

  2. REL: SSS – This means that of our proprietary three Relative Signals: Relative VIX (SPX/VIX), Relative RUT(SPX/RUT), Relative COMPQ (SPX/COMPQ)….. The first is on SELL; the second is SELL, the third is on SELL at the time of this update.

  3. HTT U/T 4/3 This means that our proprietary Hourly Trend Trackers are currently in Uptrend Mode overall and that four components are in uptrend mode, 3 in downtrend mode

  4. STS (D/T) 2/5 – This means that our Short-Term Sentinels are currently in Downtrend Mode overall and that two components are in uptrend mode, 5 in downtrend mode

  5. SS (D/T) 1/6 – This means that our proprietary Seven Sentinels are currently in Downtrend Mode overall and that 1 component is in uptrend mode, 6 in downtrend mode

  6.  BR 0/-300 – This says that net breadth (advances minus declines) on the NYSE is 0 issues and that net breadth on NASDAQ is -300 at this update