Why Do I need SevenSentinels.com?

Perhaps the greatest trader of all time, Jesse Livermore, said, “There isn’t a bull side or a bear side to the market. There is only the right side.” His point was that if you are on the wrong side of the market, a loss is not a risk, it’s a certainty. And if you are on the right side, profits will accumulate on their own. The trend is your friend. It is not possible to overstate that point. If you have come to recognize this simple but profound principle, then you’ve come to the right place.
By now, you’ve probably reviewed dozens or even hundreds of market timing services of various kinds. You may have noticed that virtually everyone has this fatal weakness: each tries to anticipate the markets next move based on the use of a dizzying array of technical or fundamental indicators. Occasionally they may even get it right, but even when they do, usually the critical timing is off, and this kills trading performance. More often the market completely ignores the best of indicators or analysis – indicators that have “seemed to work great in the past.” These “market timers” get so caught up in trying to anticipate the next move that they “forget” to identify the current prevailing trend- the dominating line of least resistance here and now – which is all that matters to a stock investor or trader. That’s where we are very different.
The concept of the Seven Sentinels is my own and is based on a universal truth that I’d observed in nature, everywhere I looked since I was a child – the principle that “external” follows internal. The Seven Sentinels measures the internal pressure produced by prevailing money flow into or out of the market. External price movement follows this force as a very natural process, just as birth follows pregnancy, exhaling follows inhaling, a volcano emanates from the build-up of gases below Earth’s surface or a Tsunami follows a 10.0 earthquake. Simple, yet perhaps the single most potent trader’s edge in existence. Period.
We invite you to visit {“IYB’s Seven”at} Investors University and Fearless Forecasters at Traders-Talk.com for unbiased analytical evaluation of the Seven Sentinels by active professional traders. The Seven Sentinels have been accurately calling key market turns since their introduction on that site in 2004 and are very often the number one subject there.
SevenSentinels.com has just one overriding purpose: to keep you focused on the prevailing trend -the right side, regardless of the market’s  deception and to continually provide you the perspective and confidence to be right and sit tight. We keep offering that view every day in up markets and down, trend days and countertrend days, regardless of the news hype and reactions, and regardless of your trading style which will undoubtedly vary significantly from ours. Our singular mission is to keep you on the right side of the current trend. Period.
We humbly invite you to discover for yourself whether the SevenSentinels.com will help you begin to experience world-class market understanding and trading performance. We bid you the very best of success and good trading.